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PK & Velan cast globe valves in almost all materials

Size  2” – 12”

Class  150, 300, 600, 900, 1500

End connection  Flanged (RF, RTJ)

Bonnet  Bolted (BB)

Material  Carbon Steel  A216 WCB

PK: 151RF12N, 151RF5N, 151RF8, 301RF12N, 301RF8, 601RF5N, G151RF5, G151RF8, G301RF5, G301RF8, G601RF5N

Velan: F08-0074C-02NE, F10-0074C-02NE, F12-0074C-02NE, F14-0074C-02NE, F15-0074C-02NE, F18-0074C-02NE, F18-0074C-02TY-G, F08-0074C-02TY, F10-0074C-02TY, F12-0074C-02TY, F14-0074C-02TY, F15-0074C-02TY, F08-0074C-02NB, F10-0074C-02NB, F12-0074C-02NB, F14-0074C-02NB, F15-0074C-02NB, F08-1074C-02NE, F10-1074C-02NE, F12-1074C-02NE, F14-1074C-02NE, F15-1074C-02NE, F16-1074C-02TY-G, F08-1074C-02TY, F10-1074C-02TY, F12-1074C-02TY, F14-1074C-02TY, F15-1074C-02TY, F08-1074C-02NB, F10-1074C-02NB, F08-2074C-02NE, F10-2074C-02NE, F12-2074C-02NE, F14-2074C-02NE, F10-7074C-02NE, F12-7074C-02NE, F14-7074C-02NE-G, F15-7074C-02NE-G, F08-3074C-02NE, F10-3074C-02NE

Low Temp Carbon Steel   A352 LCC

PK: 301RF12NLCC, G301RF16NLCC, G301RF16N-LCC

Velan: F08-0074C-31NB, F10-0074C-31NB, F12-0074C-31NB, F08-1074C-31NB, F10-1074C-31NB, F08-2074C-31NB, F10-2074C-31NB, F12-2074C-31NB, F08-7074C-31NY

Low Alloy Steel  A217 WC6, A217 WC9, A217 C5, A217 C12

PK: 301RF5C5, 301RF5C5, G301RF5C5

Velan:  F08-1074C-04TS, F10-1074C-04TS, F12-1074C-04TS, F14-1074C-04TS, F15-1074C-04TS, F10-1074C-09TS, F12-1074C-09TS, F14-1074C-09TS, F15-1074C-09TS, F08-2074C-04TS, F10-2074C-04TS ,F14-2074C-04TS, F15-2074C-04TS-G, F08-2074C-09TS, F10-2074C-09TS, F12-2074C-09TS

Austenitic Stainless Steel  A351 CF8M, A351 CG8M, A351 CF8C

PK: 151RF10SL, 151RF10SL-GRF, 151RF10SL-TFE, 151RF10SL-TFE, 151RF12SH, 151RF12SL-GRF, 301RF10SL-GRF, 301RF10SL-TFE, 301RF12SH, 601RF12SH

Velan: F08-0074C-13GX, F10-0074C-13GX, F12-0074C-13GX, F14-0074C-13GX, F08-0074C-13SX, F10-0074C-13SX, F12-0074C-13SX, F14-0074C-13SX, F08-0074C-13MY, F10-0074C-13MY, F12-0074C-13MY, F14-0074C-13MY, F15-0074C-13MY, F16-0074C-13QY, F08-1074C-13GX, F10-1074C-13GX, F12-1074C-13GX, F14-1074C-13GX, F08-1074C-13SX, F10-1074C-13SX, F12-1074C-13SX, F14-1074C-13SX, F08-1074C-13MY, F10-1074C-13MY, F12-1074C-13MY, F14-1074C-13MY, F15-1074C-13MY, F16-1074C-13QY-G, F08-1074C-28FS, F12-1074C-28FS, F14-1074C-28FS, F08-2074C-13MY, F10-2074C-13MY, F12-2074C-13MY, F14-2074C-13MY

Alloy Stainless Steel  A351 CN7M (Alloy 20)

Velan: F08-0074C-23GX, F10-0074C-23GX, F12-0074C-23GX, F08-1074C-23GX

Nickel Copper  A494 M35-1 (Monel 400)

Velan: F08-1074C-19GX

Nickel Super Alloy A494 CY40-1 (Inconel 600), A494 CW12MW (Hastelloy C)

Velan: F08-0074C-61GX, F08-0074C-21GX, F10-0074C-21GX, F12-0074C-21GX

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